Usage from the command line

  Usage: xsddoc [-option] schema
             (to document a schema)
  where options include:
      -o -out <folder>      Set the output folder
      -t -doctitle <title>  Set the documentation title
      -h -header <header>   Set the documentation header
      -f -footer <footer>   Set the documentation footer
      -b -bottom <bottom>   Set the documentation bottom
      -s -hideSubTypes      hide sub types references
      -l -hideSubLocalUsage hide show local usage references
      -p -hideTypes         hide types in overview pages
      -g -hideGroups        hide groups in overview pages
      -a -hideAttributes    hide attributes in overview pages
      -xml                  output components as XML instead of HTML (testing purpose only)
      -css <css-file>    optional external CSS file
      -v -verbose           Output messages about what xsddoc is doing
      -q -quiet             Be quiet about what xsddoc is doing
      -d -debug             Output debug messages
      -? -help              Print this help message