Usage as an Apache Ant task

At first you should define the xsddoc task in your ant script like this:

<taskdef name="xsddoc" classname="net.sf.xframe.xsddoc.Task"/>

Attributes of the xsddoc task:

  • file path to location of schema
  • dir folder of schemas
  • out optional, path to output folder (default: .)
  • doctitle optional, descriptibe title of schema
  • header Include header text for each page (html-code) (default: no)
  • footer Include footer text for each page (html-code) (default: no)
  • bottom Include bottom text for each page (html-code) (default: no)
  • failonerror Log a warning message, but do not stop the build, when the file to copy does not exist or one of the nested filesets points to a directory that doesn't exist or an error occurs while copying. (default: no)
  • debug optional boolean, debug output (default: false)
  • verbose optional boolean, verbose output (default: false)
  • xml optional boolean, if XML should be generated instead of html for schema components (default: false)
  • css optional external CSS file
  • hideSubTypes optional boolean, if sub types reference should be hidden (default: false)
  • hideLocalUsage optional boolean, if local usage reference should be hidden (default: false)
  • hideTypes optional boolean, if types should be hidden in overview pages (default: false)
  • hideGroups optional boolean, if groups should be hidden in overview pages (default: false)
  • hideAttributes optional boolean, if attributes should be hidden in overview pages (default: false)

Parameters specified as nested elements:


FileSets are used to select sets of files to process. Use it instead of the file attribute.


Same as the doctitle attribute, but you can nest text inside the element this way.


Similar to <doctitle>.


Similar to <doctitle>.


Similar to <doctitle>.


<target name="xsddocSample">
<mkdir dir="samples/xsddoc/html"/>
<xsddoc file="samples/xsddoc/xsddoc.xsd"
    doctitle="XML Schema for XML documentation generated by xsddoc"