The following is a very simple and not very sofisicated integration of xsddoc into Stylus Studio. It does just a simple call to xsddoc with the folder of the schema as the output folder. This is mostly not very good. We are examining better alternatives, maybe with some simple additional batch-file. Any further suggestions are welcome.


You should have a current version of Stylus Studio installed.

Integration of xsddoc in Stylus Studio

1. Install xsddoc as a command line tool.

2. Start Stylus Studio.

3. Open the Options in the Tools menu..

4. Create a new Custom Tool as described in the following screenshot.

Usage of xsddoc in Stylus Studio

Open the XML Schema file that you want to document. Then select the xsddoc entry in the Tools menu to start xsddoc for the currently open file. The output folder is the same folder as the folder of your schema file. If this is not desired, you could e.g. activate the option Prompt for arguments in the Custom Tools settings of xsddoc, so you can change it before the tool runs.