Installation of xsddoc as command line tool

1. extract the xsddoc distribution file to a folder of your choice.

2. declare an environment variable XSDDOC_HOME and set it to the folder where you have extracted xsddoc.

3. add the bin folder of xsddoc to your systems path.

Example on UNIX (bash):

> export XSDDOC_HOME=/usr/local/xsddoc
> export PATH=${XSDDOC_HOME}/bin: ${PATH}

Example on UNIX (csh):

> setenv XSDDOC_HOME /usr/local/xsddoc
> set path=( $XSDDOC_HOME/bin $path ) 

Example on Win32:

> set XSDDOC_HOME=C:\Programs\xframe\xsddoc

4. try to build the sample that comes with xsddoc:

> cd sample/XMLSchems
> mkdir doc
> xsddoc -t "XML Schema for XML Schema" -o doc -verbose XMLSchema.xsd