The xsddoc subproject is a XML Schema documentation generator for W3C XML Schemas.


The latest version of xsddoc is release 1.0 which is mainly written in XSLT.

Based on the experience in developing xsddoc and the problems we had handling the highly recursive nature of XML Schema with XSLT, we decided to start a new Java-based code stream with the intention to develop an XML Schema documentation generator that fully complies with the W3C XML Schema recommendation. This new software is now available as xnsdoc thru our partner company buldocs Ltd.

The xframe team will continue to support xsddoc, but we do not intend to develop new features. Any bug reports, patches or other contributions are welcome and will be integrated into xsddoc.

The code streams of xsddoc and xnsdoc are very different, but if there are changes to xnsdoc that are also applicapable to xsddoc, Buldocs Ltd. grants to also provide them to xsddoc.

Download xnsdoc

You can download xsddoc here.

All distribution files contain the full source code of the project.