We tested xsddoc against the XML Schema Test Collection and Results Summary -- 16 January 2002. The test collection can be downloaded here: http://www.w3.org/2001/05/xmlschema-test-collection.html.

Here are the results: (2.6MB)

XML Schema Documentation Report

ATTENTION: The links to the documentation and the reports are not working online because the number of generated files is bigger than 75.000 and the size of all the files (463MB) exceeds the allowed storage of the sourceforge file system. If you want to analyse the results in detail, you should download the compatibility suite and start the test locally with maven:

maven site

An error means that xsddoc aborted processing due to an incompatibiliy with a particular schema and thus did not complete.

The linkcheck warning (NOT OK) means the generated documentation pages contain at least one broken link.

These results do not mean that a schema without errors and without broken links is processed correct. There might still be particular problems or missing parts in the documentation that cannot be detected automaticaly. It is mainly a first hint for the xsddoc developers and for you to find out problems with xsddoc.