Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 5 Total Number of Files Changed: 9

2005-05-10 16:21:45Kurt Riede v 1.5

src/plugin-resources/xsddoc-report.jsl v 1.8

xdocs/properties.xml v 1.4

changed the behaviour of some properties for better reports and to support multi-project builds
2005-05-10 16:17:51Kurt Riede

plugin.jelly v 1.10

fixed bug [1168954] Maven multiproject: no entry generated in Project Reports
2005-05-09 23:08:12Kurt Riede

project.xml v 1.4

prepared for release 0.8
2005-05-09 23:02:52Kurt Riede

plugin.jelly v 1.9 v 1.4 v 1.3

impl for feature request [1176236] Add option to include raw XSDs in docs and equal bug report [1188658] Option to include XSDs in generated docs
2005-05-09 22:48:37Kurt Riede

xdocs/site.jsl v 1.3

multiple documentation updates